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Monday, 21 March 2011

St Marie's, Rugby

A few weeks ago, on the same weekend as a High EF Nuptual in Oxford, Miss C Bister, LMS Member and Oratory Parishioner; married in her Groom's home town of Rugby. The Church is AWN Pugin (1846-7) and represents a time of reduced productivity, before his death in 1852. The sanctuary, the Hibbert Chantry, had Rood Screen (removed 1962) and stalls to seat twenty. His son EW Pugin continued (1863-4) the work to include a larger nave with the older becoming the Lady Chapel.

The impressive tower and spire (1871-2) was by the younger Pugin's pupil RL Boulton who later became a Rosminian. The Church has always been run by the Institute of Charity, and is to this day. The past Parish Priest, Rev Fr Philip Sainter, was a good friend to me as school chaplain in the 90s, and married us in 2003.

The magnificent high altar is by Donnelly, a Coventry artist, and carved by Boulton. As well as with many other Pugin churches, apse wall paintings are by Hardman & Co, another West Midlands company.

The Mass was Low and the celebrant was Rev Fr Anton Guziel CongOrat. Newly installed parish priest of the Birmingham Oratory. He is very helpful for me, being Oratory link to the Birmingham LMS. He is even giving us a spiritual conference on the Seven Dolours of the Blessed Virgin in our recently organized coach trip to the York Minster national LMS Pilgrimage. I think I'm right in saying there will be three priests coming on our coach.

The Nuptial Mass is special in the extra blessings for the bride and groom, who kneel close to the altar throughout. Organ music accompanied the service at various points.

Ad Multos Annos!

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