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Friday 6 May 2011

Birmingham St Clare

Guild of St Claire- Birmingham group

. First meeting will be on Thursday 9 June 2011, 7.30pm in Edgbaston. Mrs Lucy Shaw (founder of the Guild of St Claire) will attend to introduce us to the purpose of the guild- and organise membership (£2.50 annually)
. The meetings will be every other week, on a Thursday.
. We will alternate the venue between two of our founding members.
. The meetings will begin with prayer (rosary), the activity will run 7.45-9. Followed by refreshments. The house we are at will provide drinks, with myself (or another) bringing cakes/biscuits.

We will all bring different skills and interests; the idea is that we learn together, help each other out and enjoy our time together. For each craft a 'lead' will be assigned who can bring the necessary materials (I suggest we divide this cost between us each week) or advise everyone what they need to bring.
I hope to have 'guest experts' for some of the crafts.
Here is my proposal of crafts we can cover. And a suggestion (hope this is ok!) of who might take the lead.

Some may take 1 week others, several sessions:
. Decorative sewing kit holders
. Quilt cushion covers
. Simple mantillas
. 'Name sake' bunting
. Basic knitting
. Mass bags for children
. Introduction to vestment repair
. Lavender pillows
. Children's clothing, such as a girls dress
. Jewellery making

Possible future plans....
.Banner making
.Baptismal gowns
.Making liturgical items

All other suggestions very welcome!

Lucy plans for the Oxford, London and Birmingham groups to do a day course in London together. I also hope we can do some courses- for example, at Winterbourne gardens (Uni of Birmingham botanical gardens) they do lots of craft courses, such as crochet and rag-rugging.

Below is a link to Lucys' St Claire blog

Please email wendhouse at gmail.com if you are interested in coming and joining in!

LMS Oxford Greyfriars-Littlemore Bl JH Newman Pilgrimage

For the first time the Latin Mass Society of England & Wales are having a Pilgrimage to Littlemore with the Traditional Mass, in honour of Bl John Henry Newman.

It starts with Mass of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Greyfriars at 2.30pm, sung with polyphony provided by the Schola Abelis, and celebrated by Fr Anthony Conlon.

This will be followed by a walk from Greyfriars to Littlemore, via the site of the Church of St Ignatius, the first Catholic Church built in Oxford since the Reformation,

It served the Oxford area from 1795 until it was closed in 1911 (when the Jesuits moved to St Edmund & St Frideswide, now Greyfriars).

The church building is still standing. This was where Bl John Henry attended his first public Mass after his reception at Littlemore. From there we will retrace his steps back to Littlemore, where we will have Vespers with the Sisters of the Work, according to the 1962 rules, at about 5pm.

Bl. John Henry was said to be a great walker, but this particular walk is not very long!

Please support this interesting and important event. It will be the first Traditional Mass in Greyfriars, as far as I know, since 1970 and the first collaboration between the LMS and the Sisters of the Work at Littlemore. The pilgrimage is joint with Juventutem Oxford and the Oxford University Newman Society.

The following Saturday, 14th, we will be walking a little further, from the site of Abingdon Abbey in Abingdon to the Oxford Oratory, in honour of Our Lady of Oxford. We are setting off from Abingdon at 11am (meet at the statue of Queen Victoria in the Abbey gardens), and there will be Sung Mass in the Oxford Oratory at 3.30pm. Again, this is a new initiative and is joint with the Oxford Juventutem group. I'm told the walk is about 12 miles long. If you can't make the walk, do join us for the Mass!

With best wishes for the season of Easter,
Dr Joseph Shaw

[Ed: Not far? 12 miles?!
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