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Friday 24 December 2010

Christmas Masses

There are three ways you can fulfill your Christmas (Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ) Obligation. Despite being on a Saturday this year, the Bishops of England & Wales have not transferred it to the Sunday.

  • Friday 24th December: 4pm "Midnight Mass" (Missa Cantata) at the Birmingham Oratory
  • Friday 24th December: 7pm "Midnight Mass" (Low Mass with English readings and Hymns) at St John Fisher, West Heath
  • Saturday 25th December: 9.30am "Dawn Mass" (Low Mass) at the Birmingham Oratory
P.S. The total numbers attending these three Masses combined was 300 - which is therefore the number of people in this region choosing to observe this obligation in the Old Rite. A significant number indeed!

May I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year! 2011 Ordos and Calenders are available from the LMS.

Saturday 11 December 2010

Servers Wanted!

Fr George Grynowski says Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form every Friday at 7pm in his Parish of West Heath in South Birmingham. It has been the case recently that there has been no one able to serve; therefore I appeal to anyone who is willing so spare the odd Friday night and living close by, please help! This is an excellent opportunity to learn to serve this noble Mass, and a wonderful personal incentive to grow in holiness.

Applicants need only be of the male gender!
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