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Wednesday 15 July 2020

St Dunstan's Third Friday Mass Resumes

The third Friday Mass at St Dunstan's will resume from this Friday at 7pm, along with the 6.30pm Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Wolverhampton as mentioned in the previous blogpost.

You may remember that one of the last Masses in Birmingham before the public celebration of Mass was suspended was at St Dunstan's with an EF Mass being celebrated on the main altar for the first time in its history. A new altar containing a relic of St John Henry Newman, kindly donated by the Birmingham Oratory, has been installed during lockdown and this will be the first EF Mass celebrated using it. Directions are available in the sidebar. If you do turn up tomorrow I can assure you that the sanctuary will be laid out like this:

The old layout of the sanctuary at St Dunstan's, Kings Heath

Thursday 9 July 2020

The Resumption of the Public Celebration of Mass

As you are probably aware, churches were able to reopen for services from 4th July 2020 provided they had put adequate safeguards in place. As a result, the Birmingham Oratory has resumed its usual schedule of Masses, namely low Masses at 5.45pm Mon-Fri and 9am Saturday, and High Mass at 10.30am on Sundays. An overflow Mass will be celebrated in the Upper Cloister Hall on Sundays at the same time if the numbers exceed the safe capacity of the main church. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Wolverhampton will resume its 6.30pm Friday Mass from tomorrow (10th July).

These are currently the only EF Masses that I have been made aware will resume; I will announce the resumption of further Masses as and when the details become available with an announcement on this blog and will add them to the calendar in the sidebar. Please note you must bring a face covering to be admitted to these Masses (although face masks can be bought for a pound at Wolverhampton should you turn up and discover you have forgotten your own).

As a result of the resumption of the celebration of public Masses, the Oratory is no longer live streaming its Masses although Our Lady of Perpetual Succour will continue to live stream the Friday Mass on its Youtube channel. The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation remains suspended.

Below is the final live streamed low Mass celebrated at the Oratory on 4th July 2020.

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