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Tuesday 27 April 2010

Traditional Sacraments

Since Summorum Pontificum there has been an exponential increase in those attending the Traditional Latin Mass. In Birmingham, what used to be 20 dedicated faithful per week has now become 100, and in total with all masses around the region, 530 per month.

Other sacraments are also being celebrated with much less problem. At the Oratory there has even been a Solemn High Nuptial Mass, and also
Baptisms as well as the reception of a convert, all using the 1962 books. Although confirmations only take place in London at present, this Sunday, Margaret Mary Jordan received her first holy communion at the 9.30am Latin Mass (pictured). This sort of thing just wasn't happening a few years ago.

It was a wonderful occasion and Fr Guy Nicholls preached an outstanding homily based on our Lord's words in the Gospel; modicum et videbitis me (a little while, and you shall see me) relating it to faith in the real presence as demonstated in Emmaeus.

Margaret is home educated with her 4 siblings and is just approaching 8 years old. Their family is very new to the EF Mass, travelling all the way from Staffordshire, but the kids are thriving on it! Indeed, it was Margaret's own decision to receive communion at this point, after tuition from her mother and the support of Fr Guy. It was also great to see them at the 5th St Catherine's Trust Family Retreat just after Easter, also sponsored by the LMS.

Monday 26 April 2010

Mass Dates May - August 2010

Friday 7th May at 7pm
Low Mass (Sacred Heart) St John Fisher West Heath

Thursday 13th May at 8pm
High Mass (Ascension) Birmingham Oratory

Wednesday 19th May at 6pm
Low Mass (St Dunstan) St Michaels West Bromwich

Monday - Friday 24th-28th May at 8:30am
Low Masses (St Philip's Chapel, Octave of Pentecost) Birmingham Oratory

Thursday 3rd June at 8pm
High Mass (Corpus Christi) Birmingham Oratory

Friday 4th June at 7pm
Low Mass (Sacred Heart) St John Fisher West Heath

Wednesday 15th June at 6pm
St Michaels, West Bromwich

Friday 2nd July at 7pm
Low Mass (Visitation of the BVM) St John Fisher, West Heath

Friday 9th July at 7pm
High Mass (Ss John Fisher & Thomas More) St John Fisher, West Heath

Wednesday 21st July at 6pm
Low Mass (St Lawrence of Brindisi) St Michaels, West Bromwich

Friday 6th August at 7pm
Low Mass (Transfiguration of OLJC) St John Fisher



Wednesday 14 April 2010

Michael Bourke

Michael Bourke, a long time supporter of the Latin Mass, died recently at the age of 79. In accordance with his wishes, his family arranged a Latin Requiem Mass with absolutions and burial Rites in accord with the traditional Rituale Romanum. This took place at his daughter's parish of St George & St Teresa in Dorridge with the kind permission of Mgr McHugh.

13th March 1931 - 26th March 2010
Requiescat In Pace

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Dominus Vobiscum!

Resurrexit Sicut Dixit! AllelĂșia!

Easter Vigil

It was a four-hour masterpiece in Catholic Tradition. St William of York, served by the FSSP and featuring an actual subdeacon. It was a glorious celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord. Even the kids came, with some staying awake till 3am.
Joseph Shaw has photos on his blog.

Friday 2 April 2010


I am currently experiencing the 1962 version of the Sacred Triduum, which is the culmination of Lent and the Dawn of Eastertide. It is always something which I have found deeply moving, and probably something I fully attended only at the age of 21, when my wife converted to Catholicism. There are not many Traditional Triduums taking place these days, although this year it seems the LMS are advertising more than ever, in at least eight locations around England and Wales. I think the closest one to the West Midlands is perhaps Reading, where we are at the moment.

I hope you have a blessed Easter, wherever you are. There will be a Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Easter Day at 9:30am in the Oratory as usual for a Sunday.

Photo is after the stripping of the altar, taken by Joseph Shaw who sang in choir.
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