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Monday 30 November 2020

Return of Public Masses Part 2


The celebration of public Mass will resume on Thursday. I have updated the calendar in the sidebar to include Masses that have been advertised in the relevant church newsletter.

The regular Oratory schedule starts on Wednesday Thursday (n.b. although the lockdown ends on Wednesday, the public Masses at the Oratory resume on Thursday) with weekday low Mass at 5.45pm, and High Mass on Sundays at 10.30am with an overflow low Mass in the Upper Cloister Hall. The 9am low Mass on Saturday has been replaced with a 7.30am Rorate Mass during Advent.

The first Friday Mass resumes at 7pm this week at Acocks Green, with devotions to the Sacred Heart preceding the Mass at 6.30pm.

The weekly 6.30pm Friday Mass returns at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Wolverhampton.

Before lockdown, there was a weekly 8am low Mass on Sundays in Wednesbury, and I believe this will be resuming on Sunday. Communion will not be distributed at this Mass.

I expect the third Friday 7pm Mass to resume at St Dunstan's on 18th December but am awaiting confirmation.

The second Wednesday Mass at Maryvale remains suspended. I will advertise Masses for the Immaculate Conception and Christmas when details become available.

Directions to these churches are available in the sidebar.

Please remember to wear a face covering to these Masses. In most cases, Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass due to the current restrictions (please note the known exception above).

Above is a recording of the Mass celebrated today at the Birmingham Oratory for the Feast of St Andrew.


Thursday 5 November 2020

Live Streamed Masses in the West Midland Area

Sadly, the public celebration of Mass ceased for the second time this year under the national lockdown which came into effect at midnight. There was a good turnout at the 5.45pm low Mass at the Oratory last night, with at least fifty people attending. Although a very poor substitute, the Oratory will be streaming Mass daily at 11am on their YouTube channel for the next four weeks, while Our Lady of Perpetual Succour will streaming low Mass at 6.30pm on Fridays. Their Youtube channel is available here.

Below is part of the first streamed Mass from the Birmingham Oratory this morning.

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