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Tuesday 30 March 2010

LMS Pilgrimage, Wales

Annual LMS Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Wales, Cardigan UK, Sunday 23 May 2010

Sunday 23 May 2010 – Catholics from across Wales will gather at the National Shrine at the Church of Our Lady of the Taper, North Road, Cardigan, SA43 1LT at 2pm (Confessions) followed by a Sung Mass at 2.30pm followed by a break for refreshments and a Rosary Procession and Benediction.

Groups wishing to attend should contact the Rector of the Shrine, Father Jason Jones, on 01239 612615

Requiem Funerals

A few months ago Grant Roberts, LMS member, died and had his funeral easily and swiftly arranged at his parish of the Oratory using the 1962 Missal. R.I.P.

There have since been, in the last few weeks, a few more of the faithful departed who wanted their Requiem at a local church in the West Midlands in the Extraordinary Form. There is one tomorrow at the Oratory who has a beautiful conversion story.

Then just tonight I heard of the death of a long-time LMS member in Solihull who even assisted the diocesan LMS rep at one time.

I should make it clear that funerals can be easily arranged in the 1962 Latin Rite, at nearly any parish church (assuming the permission of the Pastor), sometimes even with sung Gregorian Chant: But as long as people's wishes are clear.

This doesn't just mean writing it in your will (which may be read way after the funeral) or even carrying an LMS 'in case of death' red wallet card. It means, like with organ donation; discuss your funeral wishes before death with your loved ones, even your parish priest. Explain to them what you want and why. It can be an emotional and trying time for everyone when a loved one is gone, without suddenly finding out that they won't understand the funeral! (although I can arrange translation booklets!)

I am always available for advise on 07967 729168


Wednesday 24 March 2010

St Thomas, Claughton

On Sunday we found ourselves in this lovely church in the middle of Lancaster countryside, in the isolated hamlet of Claughton-on-Brock. It was apparent that this place was something special; there were numerous references to the penal times, and an extensive history can be found here. It is thought that the preservation of the Latin Mass in this country after the 1960s has a lot to do with our connection with history and the imperitive we seem to have to foster our traditions, perhaps a reason why under Cardinal Heenan we were granted the first Latin Mass 'indult' in 1971. Other countries mainly had to wait until 1984.

There is some excellent work going on in Lancaster for the reintroduction of the Traditional Latin Mass. See the website for more details. I was especially lucky to see their notice up in the parish church of Kendal, a practice which I must try doing here in Birmingham to raise awareness of Latin Masses happening. Curiousity can be a powerful thing.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Masses this week

This is just to confirm and remind you all about the upcoming Masses this week:

Wednesday March 17: St Patrick Low Mass - 6pm West Bromwich
Friday March 19: St Joseph Low Mass - 11am Birmingham Oratory
Saturday March 20: Requiem Mass (3rd day after Buriel) - 9:30am St Philip's Chapel, Birmingham Oratory

The Requiem on Saturday is for Sheila Jeanes who was an LMS member in Coventry who died two weeks ago at the age of 88. It seems there is sufficient stigma against the Latin Mass to prevent her wishes of a funeral in the Old Rite, so this Mass on Saturday will fulfill them as best as possible. Requiescat In Pace.

Sunday 14 March 2010

St Patrick

Coming up this Wednesday, if I can find a priest available (you think I'm joking?) will be a Low Mass for St Patrick at 6pm at the parish of St Michael the Holy Angels, West Bromwich.

This parish will now be fully equipped for this Mass, right down to the last Maniple. Nothing imported from the Oratory! Altar cards of beautiful quality have been rediscovered, as well as three useable Missals (including one from 1738!). Incidentally, none of these have St Joseph biro'd into the Canon, which must mean the Parish's Missal in use around 1962-65 was probably disposed of. The other Missals probably only survived because they were boxed away in storage. I hope I will be able to show you some photos of the Altar setup soon, which is in permanent display.

Here is the Mass sheet for wednesday. The feast of St Patrick has its own Collect, and the other prayers are from the common of Confessor Bishops.

St Patrick

Thursday 11 March 2010

The One Hundred Mark

The numbers at Sunday Low Mass continue to increase steadily. Last Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Lent, it went above one hundred people. Attendence is counted at every Mass at the Oratory, and I will perhaps analyse some of the figures to show some effect of Summorum Pontificum in preparation for the three-year report which will be submitted to Rome. Considering this Mass started out as 15-20 people in a separate chapel, I think this is certainly a sign of renewal in the traditional Mass. It is also encouraging to always see new faces, and more families coming. I find, myself with a young family, the Latin Low Mass is a real haven of spirituality which can nurture in a child the sense of the sacred space which Mass should be about. Besides the sermon, people aren't listening out for what's being said or what's going on - it is about prayer which I think helps us to be less distracted by every little noise.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Sacred Heart

The Mass at West Heath this Friday at 7pm will be a Low Mass of the Sacred Heart, as is customary on the first friday of the month. I have uploaded the Mass sheet which will be available there.

Sacred Heart (Lent) Mass sheet
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