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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

St Thomas, Claughton

On Sunday we found ourselves in this lovely church in the middle of Lancaster countryside, in the isolated hamlet of Claughton-on-Brock. It was apparent that this place was something special; there were numerous references to the penal times, and an extensive history can be found here. It is thought that the preservation of the Latin Mass in this country after the 1960s has a lot to do with our connection with history and the imperitive we seem to have to foster our traditions, perhaps a reason why under Cardinal Heenan we were granted the first Latin Mass 'indult' in 1971. Other countries mainly had to wait until 1984.

There is some excellent work going on in Lancaster for the reintroduction of the Traditional Latin Mass. See the website for more details. I was especially lucky to see their notice up in the parish church of Kendal, a practice which I must try doing here in Birmingham to raise awareness of Latin Masses happening. Curiousity can be a powerful thing.

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Joseph Shaw said...

What a fantastic church!

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