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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Requiem Funerals

A few months ago Grant Roberts, LMS member, died and had his funeral easily and swiftly arranged at his parish of the Oratory using the 1962 Missal. R.I.P.

There have since been, in the last few weeks, a few more of the faithful departed who wanted their Requiem at a local church in the West Midlands in the Extraordinary Form. There is one tomorrow at the Oratory who has a beautiful conversion story.

Then just tonight I heard of the death of a long-time LMS member in Solihull who even assisted the diocesan LMS rep at one time.

I should make it clear that funerals can be easily arranged in the 1962 Latin Rite, at nearly any parish church (assuming the permission of the Pastor), sometimes even with sung Gregorian Chant: But as long as people's wishes are clear.

This doesn't just mean writing it in your will (which may be read way after the funeral) or even carrying an LMS 'in case of death' red wallet card. It means, like with organ donation; discuss your funeral wishes before death with your loved ones, even your parish priest. Explain to them what you want and why. It can be an emotional and trying time for everyone when a loved one is gone, without suddenly finding out that they won't understand the funeral! (although I can arrange translation booklets!)

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