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Sunday, 14 March 2010

St Patrick

Coming up this Wednesday, if I can find a priest available (you think I'm joking?) will be a Low Mass for St Patrick at 6pm at the parish of St Michael the Holy Angels, West Bromwich.

This parish will now be fully equipped for this Mass, right down to the last Maniple. Nothing imported from the Oratory! Altar cards of beautiful quality have been rediscovered, as well as three useable Missals (including one from 1738!). Incidentally, none of these have St Joseph biro'd into the Canon, which must mean the Parish's Missal in use around 1962-65 was probably disposed of. The other Missals probably only survived because they were boxed away in storage. I hope I will be able to show you some photos of the Altar setup soon, which is in permanent display.

Here is the Mass sheet for wednesday. The feast of St Patrick has its own Collect, and the other prayers are from the common of Confessor Bishops.

St Patrick

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