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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Restoration of Weekly Saturday Mass at Birmingham Oratory

The Birmingham Oratory now has three active resident priests and so are able to announce a change to the Mass schedule. From Saturday 1st June onwards until further notice, there will be a public EF Mass every Saturday at 9.30am. On most Saturdays, this will be a Low Mass at the Lady Altar, but on days of extra solemnity, it will be a Missa Cantata at the High Altar. The first Missa Cantata will be on the Feast of Ss Peter and Paul on Saturday 29 June.

On most Saturdays, there will also be a (private) Low Mass at the Lady Altar at 8am, but this cannot be guaranteed, and people are advised to check with the Oratory before travelling if they wish to attend this mass.

 Please note that these arrangements will replace the current private Low Mass which takes place at 9am.

In other news, the Mass at 6pm on the Feast of the Sacred Heart (7th June) will also be a Missa Cantata.

May I ask that you please keep the Oratory in your prayers. The success of the Latin Mass in this region significantly depends on the success of the Oratory, and we are grateful for their continued support in the provision of the EF Mass.

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