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Monday, 6 May 2013

Corrections to the LMS Mass Listings mid-May to early August

The Latin Mass Society produced a new set of mass listings at the end of April for mid-May to early August and for the Feasts of Ascension, Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart and SS Peter and Paul. Unfortunately there are several errors which I undertake to correct below:

The Birmingham Oratory

The Birmingham Oratory Low Mass on Friday is at 6pm, not 5.45pm although turning up early is not a problem! The corrections for the Holydays of Obligation and Transferred Feasts are as follows:

Ascension (9th May):  This is at 7pm, not 7.30pm as in the listings.  The Mass Setting is Gounod's Messe de Ste Cecile. Oodles of Romantic Victorian slush and no boring polyphony according to Fr Richard!
Corpus Christi: Likely to be at the same time but check this blog nearer the time for updates

Sacred Heart: Like the regular Friday Mass, this is likely to be at 6pm rather than 5.45pm
SS Peter and Paul: Will be on Saturday morning (time to be confirmed) and will probably be a Missa Cantanta, but again, check this blog nearer the time for details.

St Patrick's Dudley Road - the Wednesday and Saturday masses here have now ceased due to Fr Anthony Talbot moving to Spetchley in Worcestershire. He is organising a Corpus Christi Extraordinary Form Mass and Procession at his new parish in Worcestershire on 2nd June. As Worcestershire does not appear to have a blog I will post further details here at a later date.

The regular masses are of course listed in the sidebar. If anyone spots any further errors that I have missed please let me know in the comments. Hopefully these errors will happen less frequently in future because on Friday the LMS committee appointed a new Representative and Assistant Representative to the Birmingham and Black Country Area. When the paperwork goes through we hope to contact the members of the LMS in the region to introduce ourselves.

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