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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ

On Thursday the Birmingham Oratory celebrated its now customary Mass for the Epiphany, on its original untransferred Twelfth Night!

Vidimus stellam eius in Oriente, et venimus cum muneribus adorare Dominum
We have seen His star in the East, and are come with gifts to adore the Lord

Of particular note was the Subdeacon, Br Richard Duncan, who is the newest member of the Birmingham Oratory community. He has previously trained at Wonersh receiving the ministry of Acolyte, which in the modern Church is the highest 'minor order' and thus places him in the obvious role for Subdeacon of the Mass. Although he has taken this role in the Oratory's Ordinary High Mass, this was the first time he had done so for the Extraordinary Form. The Celebrant was former Provost Fr Paul Chavasse and the Deacon was Fr Anton Guziel, former diocesan Priest but now a full member of the Oratory Congregation.

Another feature was the singing of the moveable Feasts of the New Year, which was done by a European Deacon staying at the Oratory. It is sung to a very interesting and ancient chant, and gives the dates for Ash Wednesday (March 9th), Easter Day (April 24th), Ascension (June 2nd), Pentecost (June 12th), Corpus Christi (June 23rd) and Advent (November 27th).

The Oratory choir sang Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli, the same as this time four years ago when the Oratory started their regular EF High Masses, which was even before Summorum Pontificum.

A full collection of photos can be found here.


Just a Girl said...

I was really pleased I could attend this. Thanks for the post, great photos!

Anne Roebuck said...

Dear Matt! I hate to correct you but it is the second time that Br.Richard has been sub-deacon at an EF mass. The first time was on Corpus Christi, Thursday, 3rd.June 2010. Thankyou for the great photos. God bless. Anne.

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