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Saturday, 13 August 2016

High Mass for the Assumption of BVM Sunday and Monday

The Birmingham Oratory will celebrate High Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Sunday for the External Solemnity at the regular time (10.30am) and there will be a repeat performance on the traditional date (Monday) at 7pm, replacing the usual 5.45pm Low Mass. After the Mass on Monday, there will be a renewal of the consecration of the parish to Our Lady: the Assumption is of course the patron not only of the Birmingham Oratory but also the Archdiocese of Birmingham,

The photo below I believe was from two years ago when an Orthodox priest who uses part of the parish buildings for liturgical celebrations joined in with the consecration.

Annual Marian Consecration on Feast of the Assumption 2014? (Source: Birmingham Oratory)

For those that attend the ordinary form on Sunday, I note there will not be a second reading with Olympic imagery as there would if the twentienth Sunday of Ordinary time was being celebrated: instead, there will be a first reading calling to mind the flag of the EU!

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