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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Corpus Christi Thursday

The 5.45pm low Mass at the Birmingham Oratory will be replaced on Thursday with a 7pm High Mass for the traditional date of Corpus Christi. May 26th is usually the Feast of St Philip Neri, founder of the Oratorian movement, but the oratorians will be celebrating their usual (OF) High Mass on the 25th May this year instead (there will be an EF Low Mass on the 25th as usual at 5.45pm).

The Corpus Christi High Mass will be followed by an indoor procession - the Oratory will also have an outdoor procession on Sunday 12th June. Below is a picture from the indoor Corpus Christi procession last year, courtesy of the Birmingham Oratory website.

Indoor Corpus Christi Procession 2015, Birmingham Oratory

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