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Thursday, 7 April 2016

April's Solihull Mass tomorrow

Pugin Altar, St Augustine's. Solihull
I have just been informed that the usual first Friday Mass at Solihull last week did not take place because Fr Daniel Horgan was away and will instead take place tomorrow at 6.30pm.

The Pugin altar above is sadly not the one that is used - there is not enough room around it so Mass is celebrated at the newer main altar. Bizarrely, this older altar faced south west, and no-one is sure why it was built this way. St Augustine's is described as Pugin's first church and it is certainly the oldest of Pugin's existing churches, even though the church has been modernised several times to accomodate greater numbers, For more on the history of the church, please see this link.

1 comment:

Matthew Doyle said...

Can you explain more about why the Pugin altar is not possible to use? Why is there not enough room; has the area been altered in some way?

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