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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Photos from the Solihull High Mass

Below are a few photos from the Solihull High Mass on Friday, believed to be the first High Mass at St Augustine's Church since 1939 when it was celebrated by Archbishop Williams for the hundredth anniversary of the church.

The recently (over the summer) ordained permanent deacon Kevin O'Connor performed the role of Deacon for the first time. St Augustine's is his home parish where he helped introduce a monthly last Friday Low Mass.

The Mass was celebrated by Fr Daniel Horgan, a Columban who is based in Solihull who celebrates the monthly last Friday Mass in the church.

The choir and servers, except for the MC and Subdeacon, were all trained by Deacon Kevin O'Connor from within the parish. The MC and Subdeacon are both from the Oratory parish, which holds a weekly High Mass at 10.30am on Sunday.

A full set of photos is available here. Unfortunately the quality of the photos is not very good- I am going to blame the age of the camera.

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