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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Two Ways to Learn Gregorian Chant

Have you been inspired by Father Z's recent blogpost, Gregorian Chant Will Save the World? Here are two ways you can learn:

1. A new chant group will begin on Wednesday 19th June 7.30pm at Our Lady and All Saints Church in Stourbridge. Frank Fahey, a very gifted organist and choir master, will be the instructor. It will start from the very beginning with young adults who have not had much exposure to this kind of music in mind, although anyone of any age and ability can join, by learning the Missa de Angelis, Credo 3 and Pater Noster.

2. The LMS, in conjunction with the St Catherine's Trust, organise a Gregorian Chant Course that takes place over the same weekend as the St Catherine's Trust Family Retreat. They have produced a video to advertise the course if you want to have a look at what goes on:

One Weekend in April, Part Two: The Gregorian Chant Network Weekend Course from LMS on Vimeo.

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