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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Holywell Pilgrimage 2011

Holywell Pilgrimage 2011
Unfortunately, despite many last-minute phone-calls of interest, we were unable to secure a coach trip to Holywell this year due to a lack of response to my original advertisement.

However, I still drove my family up along with a newly-wed LMS member, and we were with another 170 or so Pilgrims for a splendid 2-hour long High Mass. The music was sublime, despite whatever grumblings there were to the contrary. I generally find that excellent Polyphony doesn't always go hand in hand with brilliant plainchant. I guess thats why there is a need for more, good training.

You can see my pictures here. We didn't stay for the Rosary procession down to Holywell itself, but at least these photos of the Mass will wet your appetite for next year, as well as this Saturday's Red Vestment Extravaganza down at West Heath.

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