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Friday, 6 May 2011

Birmingham St Clare

Guild of St Claire- Birmingham group

. First meeting will be on Thursday 9 June 2011, 7.30pm in Edgbaston. Mrs Lucy Shaw (founder of the Guild of St Claire) will attend to introduce us to the purpose of the guild- and organise membership (£2.50 annually)
. The meetings will be every other week, on a Thursday.
. We will alternate the venue between two of our founding members.
. The meetings will begin with prayer (rosary), the activity will run 7.45-9. Followed by refreshments. The house we are at will provide drinks, with myself (or another) bringing cakes/biscuits.

We will all bring different skills and interests; the idea is that we learn together, help each other out and enjoy our time together. For each craft a 'lead' will be assigned who can bring the necessary materials (I suggest we divide this cost between us each week) or advise everyone what they need to bring.
I hope to have 'guest experts' for some of the crafts.
Here is my proposal of crafts we can cover. And a suggestion (hope this is ok!) of who might take the lead.

Some may take 1 week others, several sessions:
. Decorative sewing kit holders
. Quilt cushion covers
. Simple mantillas
. 'Name sake' bunting
. Basic knitting
. Mass bags for children
. Introduction to vestment repair
. Lavender pillows
. Children's clothing, such as a girls dress
. Jewellery making

Possible future plans....
.Banner making
.Baptismal gowns
.Making liturgical items

All other suggestions very welcome!

Lucy plans for the Oxford, London and Birmingham groups to do a day course in London together. I also hope we can do some courses- for example, at Winterbourne gardens (Uni of Birmingham botanical gardens) they do lots of craft courses, such as crochet and rag-rugging.

Below is a link to Lucys' St Claire blog

Please email wendhouse at gmail.com if you are interested in coming and joining in!

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