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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lætare Sunday

North Nottingham LMS don't have a website, so I'm happy to report on this. This video was recorded today at Corpus Christi Church on the Clifton Estate in Nottingham. The singing I thought was particularly good, and the ritual pretty well executed. Couldn't get any photos unfortunately!

Laetare, Jerúsalem: et convéntum fácite, omnes qui dilígitis eam: gaudéte cum lætítia, qui in tristítia fuístis: ut exsultétis, et satiémini ab ubéribus consolatiónis vestræ
Rejoice, O Jerusalem, and come together all you that love her; rejoice with joy, you that have been in sorrow: that you may exult, and be filled from the breasts of your consolation.

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Jeremy said...

Thanks, Matt, you can definitely come again!

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