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Sunday, 22 August 2010


I seem to have made all sorts of mistakes in my last newsletter! I upset the Provost of the Birmingham Oratory, who would like to clarify that Fr Philip and any other Oratorians have not been exiled. The word 'exiled' is "untrue, unkind and unhelpful".

Therefore I would like to go on record as saying a more appropriate phrase would be "gone on holiday" in which case please pray that they're having a jolly time.

When I have time I will amend the online newsletter, but it has already been sent out so therefore the 'damage' must have already been done and I hope this clarification will act some way to make amends for such a slur on the Congregation's intentions.

God bless


Sapientia said...

Oh dear, never mind Matthew, you are in good company as all the rest of us thought they'd been exiled too! I am pleased to know that is not the case after all.


Thank you Matthew. May I apologise publicly for allowing my irritation to get the better of me and to assure you of my continued support - and that of the Community - for your work in the LMS. Fr Richard.

Anonymous said...

Awesome reply Mathew...respect!
Exiled, expelled. sent for transportation....that is what I have been reading for days!

Anonymous said...

On holiday? By mistake?

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