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Saturday, 10 July 2010

South Birmingham High Mass 2010

For the second year running, Rev Fr George Grynowski invited the Latin Mass Society to offer a High Mass in the Extraordinary Form in his Parish Church of St John Fisher, West Heath, for the Patronal Feast of Ss John Fisher & Thomas More. But several features were distinctly different this year from last, and deserve mentioning.

Yesterday it was not our chaplain Fr Philip Cleevely who offered the Mass. You see, last year Fr George was acting in the role of Deacon, one in which he had become well versed in his days as a 'permanent' Deacon with a different profession. But after last year, Fr George attended the LMS Priest's Training Conference at London Colney, and learnt how to be Celebrant. So this year he offered the Mass, and was assisted by (not Oratorians this time, but) Rev Frs Christopher Miller of Kings Heath and Jan Nowotnik of Northfield. Therefore it was a High Mass using Parish Priests all from the same deanery, who were happy to celebrate the occasion in fraternal joviality!

Fr George also used a new red High Mass set of vestments which he had acquired from Luzar Vestments, in the Gothic style. I was MC for the first time after much study following my training with the Society of St Tarcisius. Obviously I made lots of mistakes, but have clarified in my mind the role a great deal. Here's to the next attempt!

Music was kindly provided by Mr Oliver Hayes who is a regular choir member of the Birmingham Oratory, who doubled as an organist. Together with a good friend of mine they sung Plainchant Propers with Missa de Angelis Ordinary and Credo III (giving the opportunity for the congregation, and the ministers in the Sanctuary, to join in with full gusto!)

Fr Jan gave a sermon about the bravery of these holy English Martyrs, who died by holding true to their Faith in the face of much opposition. We must also derive this same bravery through Grace, so that in our own circumstances we can bear witness to the Faith and answer any questions that are put to us, in a society that is hostile to objective Truth and Religion. Fr Jan is in a good position to say this, since he has been in the Press in the run-up to the Beatification of Newman, which will be presided over by our Holy Father just down the road from the very Church we were in.

The other difference from last year was unfortunate. Before, I had only made about 25 Mass booklets - so this year I wasn't going to be caught out, printing another 75! But whereas there were over 100 people last year, yesterday there were 53. A respectable number for a Friday night nonetheless, and everyone in attendance, mostly local parishioners, seemed to have good words to say, naturally!

The Mass was followed by the opening and blessing of a new lawn and flower garden adjacent to the Church, complete with permanent Altar. It is dedicated to the first Parish Priests at West Heath; Frs Cyril Barlow & Philip Smith - the former of whom would have said the Traditional Mass in the first years of the Church when the New Mass was being concocted. An outdoor buffet was had and enjoyed by all present. On Monday Fr George will inter the ashes of a parishioner who had wanted to be laid to rest on holy ground.

℣.Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini
Our Help is in the name of the Lord
℟.Qui fecit caelum et terram
Who made heaven and earth
℣.Dominus vobiscum
The Lord be with you
℟.Et cum spiritu tuo
And with your spirit

Let us pray
Oramus pietatem tuam, omnipotens Deus, ut hunc hortum, quem aeriis et pluviae temperamento nutrire dignatus es, bene+dictionis tuae imbre perfundas, et flores terrae tuae usque at maturitatem perducas. Tribue quoque populo tuo de tuis muneribus tibi semper gratias agere; ut a fertilitate terrae esurientium animas bonis omnibus affluentibus repleas, et egenus et pauper laudent nomen gloriae tuae. Per Christum Dominum nostrum.
We appeal to thy graciousness, O almighty God, that thou wouldst shower thy blessing+ upon this garden, which thou hast nurtured with favourable weather, and mayest bring these flowers of the earth to maturity. Grant also to thy people a sense of constant gratitude for thy gifts, so that the hungry may find rich nourishment in the fruits of the earth, and the needy and the poor may praise thy wondrous name. Through Christ our Lord.

The garden is sprinkled with holy water.

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Anonymous said...

sounds a glorious Mass , will the old rite be offered in st dunstan' s Kings Heath ?

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