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Sunday, 27 June 2010


As the Chairman has reported, the LMS AGM 2010 had much to offer: a summary of the last year, when things have improved
In terms of Masses and finances. Also a direction for the future; a membership drive and new website, the chairman wants to visit more of the far-flung areas of the districts, to find everyone's opinion.

I was elected as officer for the LMS committee, where I will seek to overthrow Jo Shaw and become emperor of the world Una Voce Federation!!

The Pontifical Mass in Westminster Cathedral was also impressive, with Polyphony as opposed to last year.

The day for us ended with a garden Party at London Oratory. I have no photos of this splendid Church due to the phones battery expiring.

Pray for the Birmingham Oratory, who are having a fundraising drive after the announcement this week of the Pope himself coming to our Church and being the first to pray in a newly converted Newman Shrine, with his 2nd class relics, hair, blood stained material etc. It will be nice to see the only thing recovered from his remains, a tassel of the Good Cardinal's Hat. Legend has it the Hats which hang above the Cardinal's grave stones in Westminster Cathedral, when fell down, would signify the Cardinal's soul had been released from Purgatory, into Heaven. In Newman's case, he faithfully wanted to return, dust to dust... ashes to ashes... And his hat never required hanging, leaving only a tassal of its remains in his grave, as if it went with him in a symbolic way, body and soul to Heaven: now interceding for us to God Father Son & Holy Ghost.

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Mark said...

Congratulations on your election to the Committee; keep up the good work!

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